You are currently viewing Product Release Baseline 2: Improved Coverage and Data Quality in Baseline 2 of the CryoTEMPO-EOLIS Products

Product Release Baseline 2: Improved Coverage and Data Quality in Baseline 2 of the CryoTEMPO-EOLIS Products

CryoTEMPO-EOLIS Baseline 2 Product Release

The CryoTEMPO EOLIS baseline 2 point and gridded products have now been released with products available monthly starting from January 2023. Reprocessing of all CryoSat-2 data from July 2010 will be performed and published in the coming months. 

Updates to the CryoTEMPO-EOLIS baseline 2 products include improved gridding algorithms for the Antarctic ice sheet and Greenland ice sheet. Uncertainties are now provided for all CryoTEMPO-EOLIS gridded products. There have also been swath processing advancements resulting in an increase in data quality and volume across all product regions.

December 2022 CryoTEMPO-EOLIS DEM for the Antarctic ice sheet. Top left: elevation difference between the CryoTEMPO-EOLIS DEM and Gapless-REMA100 (Dong, et al. 2022). Bottom left: gridded product uncertainties. Right: CryoTEMPO-EOLIS DEM indicating area of interest, covering Thwaites glacier and Pine Island glacier. Background map is Bedmap2 (Fretwell, et al. 2013) and shaded relief map of Gapless-REMA100 (Dong, et al. 2022).

Baseline 2 boasts a significant increase in coverage for all CryoTEMPO-EOLIS regions in both the point and gridded products. There has been an especially large increase in data volume for the Greenland ice sheet and the Antarctic ice sheet where coverage at the ice sheet periphery has significantly improved. This will allow more detailed analysis of some regions such as the Antarctic peninsula, where many glaciers are thinning and accelerating. Additionally, the data quality has improved with a reduction in point and gridded uncertainties.

CryoTEMPO-EOLIS Antarctic ice sheet gridded product coverage comparison between Baseline 2 (left) and Baseline 1 (right) over the Antarctic Peninsula for February 2019. The Rignot ice sheet mask (Rignot et al., 2011) applied to the CryoTEMPO-EOLIS Antarctic ice sheet products is highlighted underneath the gridded product in dark grey.

Further details of improvements to the CryoTEMPO-EOLIS products can be found in the CryoTEMPO-EOLIS Product Handbook and Algorithm Technical Baseline Document.


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